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Duramedix Healthcare has been satisfying customers since 2006 and currently provides medical equipment, supplies and healthcare products to patients nationwide. We are America^s #1 Provider of many specialty products focusing on the needs of those suffering from diabetes and arthritis. We take pride in our products, our service and most of all our patients^ positive outcomes.

Duramedix Healthcare believe^s that home is a place where you should feel comfortable and at ease. This is especially true when you or someone you love is suffering from diabetes or arthritis, recovering from an accident or just trying to regain their independence. Our professionals understand how you feel and are here to help.

We specialize in providing home medical equipment and supplies to you in the privacy of your own home.

Thousands of healthcare professionals nationwide refer their patients to Duramedix Healthcare^s convenient home delivery program because they know their patients will receive the highest quality medical supplies and equipment along with superior customer care. We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients to make sure you live life to the fullist.

“I had no idea that my insurance would pay for my diabetic testing supplies. Best of all, I no longer worry about running out; Duramedix reminds me when it's time to re-order. Thanks so much for everything Duramedix!”

J.S. from Raleigh, NC

“My diabetic shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that I actually look forward to exercising again, and my feet feel great while I do it. I'm telling everyone I know about your products and fantastic service.”

C.N. from Boston, MA